Hydrological Exploration Studies

The demand for groundwater for drinking water and other requirements is increasing day by day because of the tremendous rise in the worldwide population. It is a natural renewable water resource obtained from subsurface layers of the earth. However, this renewable resource is getting depleted due to its significant exploitation worldwide. Over time, the groundwater has gone deep below the ground level.

Groundwater Exploration

The groundwater is widely distributed everywhere, finding the accurate position of the water becomes quite a challenging job. The occurrence and distribution of groundwater resources are confined to certain geological formations and structures within the earth surface. Prospecting groundwater requires a detailed study of the concerned area with a geographical investigation and analysis. The groundwater exploration techniques are classified into Arial, Surface, and Sub-Surface that have been improved from traditional methods to the advanced technology-based techniques.

Our experts are capable of investigating the sub surface ground water acquirers, by applying different advance technological methods which include areal method, esoteric, geology, geomorphology, geophysics, hydrogeology, soil & Microbiological Methods, etc., The integration of the such methods will also give a proven results and long-life resources.

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